What Tools Must Your Masonry Contractor Have?

Must-Have Masonry Tools

You need to ensure you have the right tools for each task you have to do. Keeping a checklist will help you not to buy the wrong ones. Plus, it prevents you from buying the same tools again. It is a simple and effective way to avoid buying tools multiple times. You can skip the hassle of going to the store and searching for what tools you’ll need. Below are the tools that every masonry contractor needs to have!

Tape Measure

You need a tape measure to measure out spaces and rooms for your projects. A tape measure is also handy for trimming materials to sizes, too. It is something that most people don’t own, so make sure your contractor has one!

Masonry Drill

You need a masonry drill to help you drill holes in your hardscaping materials. You can use this tool to create holes or drill decorative holes on your driveways or walkways, or maybe on your patios, sidewalks, or even your gazebos. You can also use this tool to make holes in a building. So ensure your contractor has this tool.


You need a caulk gun or a caulking iron to use when you want to do general fastening, repairs, and other tasks on your hardscape materials. You can also use this to repair cracks, holes, and other damage to your bricks or pavers. So ensure your contractor has this kind of equipment.

Nail Gun

You also need a nail gun to help you fasten your materials. You can use this to fasten stones, bricks, or even pavers to a wall or a retaining wall. You can also use this to fasten roofing materials to the roof.

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