Types of Brick in Masonry Service for a High-Quality Structures

Variety of Brick Options for Masonry

Brick masonry is a very robust type of building that is made by methodically arranging bricks in mortar to create a solid mass that can bear applied loads. In masonry, a brick bond is used to hold bricks together. It is created by using the right mortar to fill the gaps between the bricks. The bonding substance and brick-bonding technique used determine how strong a brick structure will be and are frequently used by masonry service contractors. Listed below are a few types of bricks used in brick masonry.

Sand-Lime Bricks

These sand-lime bricks are formed via a chemical reaction rather than a mechanical mixture that is put under pressure, making them robust bricks. Due to their comparable color, similar texture, and sharp edges, these bricks are stronger than clay ones and are utilized in decorative work because of their consistent color and exquisite texture.

Silica Bricks

Between 95 and 97% of the material in these bricks is silica, and a minor amount of lime—between 1 and 2%—is added as a binding agent. To build chimneys and other brick masonry, silica bricks are utilized since they can withstand temperatures of up to roughly 2000 °C.

Fly-Ash Bricks

A considerable volume of waste material at a thermal power plant is called fly ash, which is a fine powder. The primary ingredients of fly ash, which resembles pozzolana in appearance and has an acidic character, are silica, aluminum oxide, and ferrous oxide. When producing fly-ash bricks, small amounts of fly-ash, lime, sand, and magnesium chloride are employed as chemical accelerators.

Refractory Bricks

Up to 1700 °C can be withstood by refractory bricks. These bricks are used to create the stoves, furnaces, and other forms of equipment needed for the metallurgical process, as well as to make lime flakes. Brick kilns are where these kinds of bricks are made.

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