Tips from Cracked Brick Repair Experts

Brick Maintenance Tips That Everyone Should Know About

Poor construction is one of the main causes of brick cracking. If low-quality materials are used for the project, or if the brick structure is built without enough expansion joints, there’s a large chance that cracks will develop on its surface. However, improper construction isn’t the only reason behind brick damage since poor maintenance can also be a factor. The good news is that most brick issues can be resolved with the help of cracked brick repair experts. Even better, property owners can proactively prevent brick from cracking by taking several helpful steps, such as the following:

Seal your brick

Bricks are porous materials and can easily absorb water, which can weaken their structural integrity and make them more prone to cracking. If your brick surface already has a few cracks, water can seep into them and make them even bigger. This is particularly true when the temperature drops, causing water to freeze and expand. Fortunately, you can make brick surfaces less porous by filling small cracks with a polyurethane sealant and covering the rest of the surface with a siloxane sealer.

Remove moss and plant growth ASAP

Ivy-covered brick walls often have a rustic and charming appearance, but the fact is that the roots of climbing plants can create cracks in bricks and make them weaker. Even moss and mildew can be a problem since they retain rainwater instead of allowing it to flow away, putting the brick at risk for water damage. To safeguard your bricks, clean them at least once a year and remove any plants that you find growing on their surface.

Use this tips to protect your brick structure from damage and keep it in excellent condition! If you’d like to get more brick maintenance tips, or if your structure is already damaged and you need help with fixing it, make sure to call Herrera Brothers Masonry. I am based in Winder, GA, and one of my specialties is cracked brick repair. Reach out to me now at (404) 867-1224 to know more about the professional solutions that I offer!