Signs You Need a Brick Wall Repair

Check Your Brick Walls!

Any home benefits from the aesthetic appeal of masonry. However, over time, your masonry may be impacted by the harsh weather and sudden changes. Additionally, settling and shifting soil can harm the masonry’s foundation. You must maintain a careful eye on your stonework and track any changes in its state over time. You could eventually start to see some changes in your masonry constructions and question if you need to have any repairs made. Here are crucial some signs that you need a brick wall repair immediately:

Bowed Bricks

Bricks that have been compacted lose their original form. Bricks that are cracked or bowing allow water to enter and harm your property. One crushed brick is frequently a foreshadowing of many more to come. A masonry contractor will need to rebuild all the damaged parts and could also need to reinforce your foundation with push piers to resolve this problem.

Cracked Bricks

Brick and stone naturally develop cracks over time. However, cracks that are more than 30 degrees apart pose a threat to your masonry structure’s stability. Your brickwork is nevertheless affected by bricks, even though they are unlikely to cause a collapse. To avoid water from seeping through cracks or freezing in them over the severe Indianapolis winter, consult a masonry specialist to fix any gaps.

Deteriorated Mortar

Most brick or stone masonry walls need to be repointed every 15-20 years, however, unusual circumstances could necessitate repairs sooner. The masonry building might suffer a great deal when mortar deteriorates or bends. Without enough mortar, bricks might deform from rubbing against one another. Repairing mortar is not a DIY project, though. Inappropriate mortar use or poor application will accelerate wear and cause further issues. For mortar repair, always rely on a masonry professional with experience.

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