Different Types of Trowels That Are Used by Masonry Contractor

Variety Types of Masonry Trowel

When it comes to masonry, trowels are the most practical means to apply the right amount of mortar. The masonry trowel may be made of wood, metal, or plastic and may have a flat or pointed tip. An average masonry trowel has a long, narrow head on one end and a flat bottom on the other. The long handle is usually 6 to 8 feet long, and this is where the contractor will apply pressure with their whole body weight. The flat bottom is where the mason will place the mixture of gravel, sand, and cement. Learn about the different types of trowels commonly used by a trusted masonry contractor.

Wooden Trowel

This is the common trowel that most people use. They are inexpensive and easy to find. They come in different sizes, lengths, and widths. They are usually brown, black, or green. Wooden trowels are made with hardwood. They have a wooden handle and a metal blade.

Metal Trowel

This is the type of trowel preferred by masons. They are affordable and durable. They are heavier and shorter compared to wooden variants. Metal trowels are made of aluminum. They are light and resistant.

Plastic Trowel

They are known as the white glove variety of trowels. They are common, very handy, and cheap. They are made of lightweight plastic that has a comfortable handle.

Plastic-coated Trowel

This is a good choice when working with certain kinds of mixtures. It prevents the mixture from sticking to the blade. They are cheaper than metal trowels. They are also made of plastic or aluminum and coated with paint.

Margin Trowel

The blade’s flat-nosed design makes it ideal for applying mortar in small crevices and corners where a conventional mason trowel won’t fit.

Corner Trowel

Corners are cut out of concrete. Masons can apply pressure uniformly on both sides of the corner since the handle is positioned in the middle of a 90-degree bend.

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