Cracked Brick Repair

What Are the Different Types of Crack Brick Repair

There are several different types of wall cracks, and all of them are defined by their location, form, and depth. So when it comes to cracked brick repair, read the following for useful tips.

Depending on their location

Depending on their location crack walls are classified as:

  • Interior wall cracks – a type of crack in your house. They can be seen on plasterboard, ceiling, walls, etc.

  • Exterior wall cracks – they are on the exterior of your house, brick walls, masonry units, concrete, etc.

  • Foundation wall cracks – these are seen in foundation walls and are the ones that cause serious issues.

Types of cracks by direction

Every brick wall is held together using mortar. Most often than not, this mortar will start to break and that is the cause of the problem. The problem is mortar related issues will become bigger over time, which can result in serious structural damage.

Horizontal brick cracks

Horizontal cracks are due to foundation movement, and the depreciation of materials that affect the wall. They frequently appear on older houses as the materials lose their substance throughout the years.

Vertical brick cracks

These are most often seen in warmer climates. Their characteristic is that the bricks are splitting in two. Almost always, vertical cracks are due to thermal expansion, which results in the movement of the material, causing vertical cracks.

Brick veneer cracks

These are zig-zag cracks that follow the mortar line around bricks. While this may appear at first glance a simple fix, as they are only seen in the mortar, it is a telltale sign of serious structural damage.

No matter what crack you are dealing with, it is always best to call in a professional for more advice on if the crack is serious or not?

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