Calling a Brick Wall Repair Services to Fix Your Masonry Problems

Most Common Masonry Problems

Winters can be challenging for masonry buildings due to freezing and thawing cycles, extremely low temperatures, rain, de-icing salts, etc. All of these elements play a role in the deterioration of concrete balconies and staircases, brick and stone walls, and facades. This is why it’s crucial to understand how to stop typical masonry issues and when to contact a pro. Take the time to inspect your siding as soon as the first signs of spring appear.

Learn to spot these typical issues with your masonry walls that demand a quick brick wall repair:

Crumbling Mortar

It is typical to need to repair mortar, in part or in whole, well before the masonry itself exhibits signs of frailty because mortar has a shorter lifespan than brick or stone. Your wall can become wet and humid due to crumbling masonry. If the issue is not resolved quickly, it could hasten the deterioration of your building and could result in serious issues like frost boils.

Crumbling Brick

The brick should normally be stable. A brick wall may develop cracks as a result of water buildup on some or all of it, as well as from temperature variations and freezing and thawing cycles. Eventually, the brick might spall. It is more likely that wet air will contact walls that are in the shade. The brick joints and walls may be harmed by this moisture absorption because brick does not dry as quickly as masonry.

Frost Boils Formation

Brick or stone shrinkage known as a frost boil typically develops near the top of walls. Many times, moisture infiltration, a buildup of moisture in the walls, crumbling mortar, or corrosion at anchors and lintels are the root causes of frost boils. As soon as you notice this masonry issue, it’s crucial to take action since frost boils can eventually cause a section of your wall to collapse or burst.

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