A Masonry Service Listed the Most Common Causes of Brick Decay

Most Common Causes of Brick Decay

The safety and integrity of a building may be seriously jeopardized by the deterioration and disintegration of bricks. Understanding what causes brick degradation, spalling, and damage might be the first step in preventing it. The older the building, the more you may need to worry about the condition of your brickwork. Many times, bricks can be restored, but first, a masonry service listed some of the most typical reasons for brick decay.


Bricks that are wet are never a good idea. There are several ways in which water and moisture can cause bricks to deteriorate and spall. A brick will eventually deteriorate if precipitation strikes its surface directly on a regular basis. Brick decay can also be a concern and be brought on by drainage problems. Walls, chimneys, and other masonry will degrade over time if drips and spills frequently run down over surfaces.

Non-Breathable Sealants

Although sealants are frequently promoted as a way to prevent water from penetrating masonry, they frequently fall short in practice. Brick has pores that allow it to naturally absorb and release water, but using a sealer restricts or even stops this process. By preventing the bricks from “breathing” and naturally evacuating moisture, water becomes trapped inside the bricks and may remain there indefinitely, compromising the brick’s integrity and gradually destroying it. In the market are breathable sealants.

Low-Grade Bricks and Workmanship

You might rapidly notice the damage this can do if you had poor-quality brick repair and restoration done. It’s possible that workers replaced your hand-made bricks with less expensive, inferior substitutes, which could have an effect on the building’s overall structural stability.

Incorrect Cleaning Processes

The age of the bricks, the age of the building, as well as a number of other parameters, will determine the best kind of cleaning for your structure. For some brick types, high-pressure cleaning is not the best option. In order to ensure that the bricks are fully cleaned without running the danger of damage, some materials may require a more specialized, sympathetic, and delicate cleaning solution, such as steam cleaning.

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